Monday, January 11, 2010

Triple Threat

These shirts are designed for the older girls. 6/6x- 10/12 $14

World Peace

All the world needs to have peace is to love Jesus! $16

Who...Who can resist?

This owl is perfect to wear with Turkey Lurkey pants. It is made from the same fabric. $16

Simple and sweet for your sweetheart!

Simply sweet...$10

A little bit of spring....

These sets are perfect to finish out the winter with and welcome spring. The skirt is complete with coordinating bloomers that are not attached to the skirt. This allows the skirt to be worn with a pair of tights now and with bloomers later. Shirts $14, skirt $24, pants $20.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Every girl needs a little "bling"

Design your own! The possiblities are limitless. Prices vary with phrases. 1st Grade Rocks - $25, Sarah with sparkle background $20, I love 2 flip $20, I love 2 dance $20.